As of April 21st, if your website is not optimized for mobile, your website ranking will almost certainly be penalized.

Google is changing their search algorithm on April 21st so that “mobile-friendly” websites will have a higher ranking. This applies more when the search is done on a mobile device, but will likely have an impact even on desktop searches.

Mobile-friendly websites from Oakhurst Online
“At the close of last month’s Search Marketing Expo (SMX) West, conference speakers were asked to share their key takeaways. “Mobile, mobile, mobile,” said Kelly Wrather, senior manager of content marketing for Kenshoo and an SMX presenter. “I want to grab every website designer and tell them mobile is the thing! It’s the only thing!“”

A site that isn’t mobile ready won’t display correctly on a phone, iPad, tablet, etc. It’s as important that your customer can actually read your site and see your images when they’re on their phone, as it is that they can find you when they search for you.

You can test to see if your site is ready for this “#mobilegeggon” by using Google’s “Mobile Friendly Test”.

What should you do if your site isn’t mobile ready?

Let Oakhurst Online redesign it for you, of course! All of their websites are completely mobile friendly. Or, you can check out Google’s helpful page here, and go through the steps Google recommends, below:

Mobile-friendly website design
Mobile-friendly web design
Written by Robert Olson for Oakhurst Online