There is a new business is town, however, the founder is very familiar with our community. Mathew Sands, owner of Oakhurst Online, is a Class of 1996 Yosemite High School Graduate. While attending high school, Mathew was employed at Sierra Internet Services, a local Internet Service Provider offering Internet dialup connections and web design services for small businesses. Yes, we did have the Internet in the mid-90’s. While learning how to code HTML from his mentor, Corky Stanton, Mathew worked on the original websites for such businesses as The Pines Resort, The Met Cinema, Sierra Star and many more. Sierra Internet Services was eventually acquired by Sierra Telephone when they began offering Internet services under the name STI.

After receiving his high school diploma, Mathew moved to Berkeley, California where he found employment with the largest independent Internet Service Provider in the Bay Area, Although the company was well established in networking and connectivity services, they lacked a web design department when Mathew was hired. With encouragement from the owners, Mathew was able to start a web development department, offering a new line of services for existing, as well as new, clients. During his five year employment at, Mr. Sands assisted many businesses to achieve an Internet presence that they could be proud of. Those clients included Nolo (a very popular legal website) and Chez Panisse (A restaurant opened by Alice Waters).

Recently, Mathew relocated back to his hometown of Oakhurst to start his own web development company. He plans to offer high-end websites, at affordable prices, for small businesses in the community. In addition, he plans to develop a local town homepage and message forum to provide local residents with an online home to connect with one another to share news and get to know their neighbors.

If you are seeking a new website or if you’d like to redesign your existing website, Mathew Sands would love to provide you with a free estimate. Oakhurst Online can be found at for more information.